Zoe Gianfrancesco (she/her) is our website designer and is also a seasonal editor. Aside from poring over the layout of the Spillover site, she works on the Shambles literary journal. She’s super into cats, Twitch streams, and loves marine biology. You can find her on Twitter on @churchbunnie.

Grace Anderson is our head editor of rolling submissions and makes our videos. They go by any pronouns. Anderson loves the color orange, sushi, and black coffee! Their Twitter is @Graceismargaret.

Meet Benjaminé S! (he/him) He is the art submissions manager and magazine’s asset artist! He is an LGBT cartoonist, focusing on horror and comics! He loves binging TV shows and sobbing over small insects. His portfolio is

Ryn Dew is our general editor and social media manager. They use all pronouns with a preference for they/them. When they’re not writing, Ryn is super into learning about history, baking to The Great British Baking Show, and walking their oversized dog! Their Twitter is @ryndew.

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