What Is Spillover Though? Like, Seriously?

When you take away the anime girls, who is Spillover? Spillover is a lake monster named Champy and four best friends who are passionate enough about art to want to bring other people into the creative arts scene and raise their voices. Marginzalized voices, writers of color, woman poets, LGBT+ creators, and, overall, people who like putting words on a page. : )

Spillover seriously is just… silliness and seriousness rolled up into a cakeroll. The literary world, while it can be pleasant finding like-minded authors, can be a hellhole (as we’re sure most know). It’s difficult to find your niche, or a safe place to experiment with your work. The elitism in the literary community is nauseating, and makes a bitch of undercelebrated, underappreciated, and unknown authors. We’re seeking out you, the little guy, the well-known, and everything in-between.

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