The Placard Stuck in the Basement

The Placard Stuck in the Basement

By: Imelda Iwuagwu

Come into my outstretched arms
Your love is posited with outstretch longing
To my warmth breast your hunger quench
Until dawn grows without you

Pregnant day hatches without your voice
Your sweet love muttered into my ears with seduction
Love rings the bell of reminder for your voice
The chain of affection holds me to a bond.

Day and night your shadow chased.
The loving memory of your being cleaved my web
You knitted the hems of my life
Bathed my bones with lollipops.

Your river of humiliation germinated seeds of emulation
Simplicity rolls from your eyes of disappointments
Take ye the rest of your soul’s quest
Knock the earth with your dance of joy

Your slate of sincerity and transparency woos me
You dish out in details wholly baked
Childlike naughtiness your billboard points
Oh! my palms stuck in your basement.

Humans turned Angels not seen in you.
Your love transfixed my heart into a mother’s zone
Come, Nwa, to your tabernacle of rest
With my hoe to plant new beginnings

Rivers flow planting seeds of imprints
Your heart the stage of combats
Warriors and inferiors your face defecates
Come sooth the wounds of trash.

You are my true life’s emblem
Plotted arrows of anger but you barbed the scar
My prayer of Thanksgiving
Remain still and your love my stigma.

Imelda Iwuagwu is a Writer, Editor,  Parenting Coach and Amazon Publisher who is passionate about what she does. She’s currently a student at the University of Benin, Benin City,  Nigeria.

You can connect with her through the following links and email address.  

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