paper airplanes

paper airplanes

By: Josh Sippie

We fold corners, crease and prepare for launch
from a rooftop patio we’re not supposed to be on
according to a sign 
and we throw paper airplanes into the darkness
watching them until they disappear into the night’s cold cloak 
silence beckoning the words we scribbled on the wings
saying hello and nice to meet you and don’t you look nice tonight
and we can barely laugh among ourselves for fear that they will hear us
even though they never do because they are a concept
not a person or a group
but then a plane comes back
skids across the tarred rooftop and the words in black

you look nice too

Josh Sippie is a foolish mortal. His writing has appeared in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Hobart, Stone of Madness, and more. When not writing, he can be found wondering why he isn’t writing. 

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