Alternatives to Suicide

Alternatives to Suicide

By: Jenica Lodde

Trigger Warning: Suicide + Depression

Say you wanted it like this—
Spaced out bimbo
Driving too slow in the left lane
Ignore the glares 
When they prance ahead
Embrace the half-life
Pat the little orange flame:
“Thanks little candle,
You’ve been all you can be.”
Quiet light is also good light.
Block off a space and fee to enter
Stop thinking your life is a pony you need to polish up and send out to the races
Admire the down space
If god only wanted open mouths and constant song
She would have only made tulips 
And hardy pines
She made tides and stitched them to moonlight 
So they would rise and draw back,
Rocks breaking even with the surface of the earth
Do nothing 
Lie down 
In the cool shade of your thoughts

Jenica Lodde is a poet based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Her work had appeared in Gravel SWWIM, Word Fountain, River and South Review, io, Third Wednesday and others. Her verse memoir a verse memoir, GO My Own Way, is forthcoming through City Limits Publications. She had one chapbook, Emotional States (Finishing Line Press, 2020). Her yard is overgrown with dandelions and tall grass, much to the chagrin of her neighbors.

Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash
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