The Katherine Factor

The Katherine Factor

By: Michael Igoe

On pain of first light
we made the contact
in sudden misgiving.
Glancing at images
of the ages of faces.
Something is happening,
after what came in April.
It’s easy to see them,
as soon as they whirl
the jinxes in glasses
along with a takeover
of the rosier witnesses.
The timeline specks,
whose detailed magic

stained the pages.

Michael Igoe, city boy, neurodiverse, Chicago now Boston. Numerous works appear in journals online and in print. Recents:, Spare Change News (Cambridge, MA), Anthologies: Avalanches in Poetry, The Poets of 2020 (Fevers of the Mind Press) @ National Library of Poetry Editor’s Choice Award 1997. Urban Realism, Surrealism. I like the night.

Find Michael @MichaelIgoe5 on Twitter and @michael.igoe.397 on Instagram.

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